All You Need to Know About Candy Canes

The candy cane has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another. Many people think of it as just another Christmas tree ornament or tree decoration. It is not always so. The candy cane seems quite intriguing story behind it.

It is believed that the very first candy cane was made in 1670, the choirmaster at the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. He gave each of the younger members of the choir of white candy stick in an effort to keep them quiet during the ceremony of Living Crèche (Living Nativity ceremony). This is not just an ordinary candy sticks though. Instead of being a normal straight stick hard candy, he had to make them in the shape of a shepherd crook, which was supposed to symbolize the first shepherds who worshiped the newborn Christ.

Until now, the traditional candies have red streaks or minty flavor that we know today. They do not take these functions until sometime in the early 20th century, although no one knows the exact year or who was responsible for them. Some believe that the white body of candy cane is represents the Immaculate Conception of Jesus Christ, or the purity of life and the red stripe symbolizes the sacrifice that Jesus Christ made for humanity and his death on the cross.

Many people around the world still enjoy the candy canes. Now they are available in almost every color and flavor imaginable, but the true meaning behind them remains. As the Christmas tree and Christmas stockings, candy canes has become an integral part of the holiday celebration.

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