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Finding new ways of celebrating seems especially important now, given the gloomy state of the economy and the world. We need more ways to get out of the mundane everyday reality in order to have fun and feel better about ourselves and our experiences every day.

The value of the celebration has long been recognized in every culture, returning to the beginning of human history and even earlier. It is closely related to the use of ritual and play. Ritual is a regularly performed action and is often performed as part of a religious service or personal spiritual practice. The celebration is often included in such religious rituals as when prayer or meditation ends in a sense of joy and liberation. In addition, a plan that includes participation in free entertainment activities may include a holiday or a conclude with one. An example of this is that the game ends with a victory that requires a holiday.

Celebrations can also give special recognition and pleasure to almost anyone – from birthdays, holidays and new year’s eve to the successful completion of any business or work assignments.

You can think of festivals like these special occasions that add a sense of excitement, reverence, joy or other kinds of emotional liberation. It’s a way to brighten and add meaning to your life and unite people in a spirit of community and bonding. Without a holiday, life would be real darkness and monotonous – the daily performance of everyday tasks. It will be a bit like being on the factory line which continues, goes and goes, and never ends. A holiday, even a short one, lasts only a few minutes, helps to recharge the mind and soul.

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