Christmas Bells The Perfect Symbol of Happy Time of Year

Christmas bells are an integral part of the traditional celebration of the Christmas holiday. They can be seen and heard in one form or another anywhere you go during the Christmas holidays. We hear the Christmas carols fun sing about silver bells,sleigh bells, jingle bells from the loud speakers in shopping malls, restaurants, offices and even a clinic, etc. We see pictures of all different shapes and sizes of bells plastered on gift paper, greeting cards and windows. There is even a bell tree, candy dishes and decorations. As the bells have become such an important part of the celebration of Christmas.

Pagans initially used the bell, as a way to ward off evil spirits during the autumn and winter months. It was believed that making loud noises will keep evil spirits at bay in night. Bells are readily available to almost everyone, so they are ideal for use as noisemakers.

Bells went used for protection from evil, to be used as a way to celebrate happy occasions, the tradition caught and that we still use today. Churches will ring every time something good happens, such as a wedding or birth, especially the birth of Jesus Christ. In addition, children will ring bells to honor of his birthday.

Many people can not afford musical instruments during this time because they are so expensive. The bells are a great alternative for those expensive musical instruments, because they are cheap, easy to make, and almost everyone had them. People use them when they went Christmas caroling because of its beautiful musical sounds. Many people will take the bells of the church with them, which will be used during church services.

It’s amazing how many different ways we use the bell today, especially during the holidays. For many people, Christmas bells is a way to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. For others, they are the perfect symbol of warm, happy time of year. In any event, they have become an integral part of our traditional Christmas time.

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