Christmas Gifts are Always Comes with Christmas Bow

Christmas gifts are almost comes with a Christmas bow. Wrapping paper, ribbons, bows used for decoration and to draw attention to the gift. This is not a bow that is important, but a gift it adorns. It’s sad that so many people enjoy all the packages Christmas decorations, but they forgot about the gift – God with us – Emmanuel – the birth of Christ.

Christmas is not about decoration. This is a gift. With Christmas comes a lot of decorations – there are trees; there are Christmas lights, carols, candy canes, angels, nativity scenes, Christmas cards, Christmas bows, wrapping paper, and even Santa Claus and the elves. But as Christmas bow just uses for decoration.

How many of you have never opened their presents on Christmas Day? You can just leave them all packing for them under the tree, never know what is inside. Many people enjoy all the wonderful things about Christmas, but they missed the Christ in Christmas. Gift of Jesus, peace with God, salvation has never been received, and there is only something to see or just another decoration.

Let your light so shine that people will know the true gift of Christmas decorations is not all, but in Jesus.

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Ornate cyan bow made from metallic foil ribbon for gift wrapping and decorating seasonal and Christmas gifts for loved ones on white with copyspace

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Christmas packet ribbon and decoration on white box

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