Things You Need to Make a Christmas Tree

Two of the most traditional styles of Christmas tree decor are Country and Victorian. Victorian style Christmas tree decoration, of course are more expensive than the style of the Country, which can be created from a cheap decorations such as fabrics and materials. On the other hand older Victorian style is very well suited to the corner of the tree or tall slim artificial Christmas trees.

Country Style Christmas tree decoration is definitely American and were not really in the style of the 19th century. The appearance of this tree is round and full of Victorian style. It includes a puffy appearance of natural pine. However, any kind of fir used as a Christmas tree in the United States.

The key to creating your own country style Christmas tree decorations have to think in terms of the traditional colors of red and green. For a truly authentic effect do not use small twinkling mini lights, rope lights, or fiber-optic lights that illuminate the tree. Nothing will be done, but old-fashioned, vintage style red, green, blue and yellow egg-shaped lights. At the very least, try to use the red and green lights.

Christmas tree for the country style is quite rural. The materials used to decorate the tree of this type are usually made of wood, tin, stuffed toys, velvet, ribbons, glass, and garlands.

Wooden decorations can include such things as miniature sleigh, replicas of food and carved figurines of Santa Claus and the elves. Shiny red painted wooden apples, especially those associated with country style.

Tinsel, either in the form of garlands and icicles are also many traditional American country style is designed in a Christmas tree.Silver tinsel icicles should be hung in bunches on the ends of branches.

Velvet ribbons and red plaid ribbon bows tied to the branches also give an Xmas tree the old country feel. Plush teddy bears or stuffed Santa can also be hung on a tree by thread as an ornament. You can find many of these kinds of plush or rustic wooden jewelry when buying Christmas decorations online.

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