Meaning of Holly Lights and Why We Use it

From Native American wisdom Greco-Roman medicine the Holly has long been held in the beautiful evergreen. In fact, it’s status is ever green (maintaining green even in bright winter months) is a testament to its symbology of renewal, rejuvenation and immortality.

In ancient Rome, Holly is an attribute of the sun gods. Appropriate Holly hall decorated with Roman during the festivities during the orgies are health, cheerfulness and good will. The early Christians recognized deeper symbolism in Holly, combining leaves as the “crown of thorns” and red berries the blood of Christ.

With many ancient European cultures Holly held in the home to ward of negative energy during the winter months.

What is Holly?

Holly is extremely hardy shrub that can be grown in all fifty US states, making it one of the few plants that can withstand temperatures up to 110 degrees F temperature to – 40 degrees Fahrenheit are four types of holly in the range of dwarf Holly plants six inches height of the huge trees of holly and seventy feet high, are native to all continents except Antarctica and Australia. Holly plants known attractive red berries and shiny, sharp-toothed green leaves that remain year-round plant. Holly Bush is immortal line that God has given to each person.

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