Hong Kong New Year’s Eve Fireworks Wallpapers

New Year firecrackers and fireworks in Hong Kong are not on the same scale as the Chinese New Year Fireworks or National Day Fireworks, which are twenty-five minutes extravagant, launched from the ground and the port, but no less spectacular.

There is a focus of New Year’s fireworks, where a basic countdown is planned. In previous years, the main counter is displayed in the IFC Tower, as fireworks and a light show shoot many wonderful buildings on the island of Hong Kong. The show lasted just over four minutes. Despite the fact that the pyrotechnics were shorter and smaller, it was still a dazzling spectacle with an excellent atmosphere.

Recently, the focus has shifted from the IFC tower to the Hong Kong’s Convention and Exhibition Centre, also on the Hong Kong Island.

The volume and spectrum of fireworks also expanded. In recent years, the show has lasted more than eight minutes, and fireworks were fired from the ground on both sides of skyscrapers and harbor barges. You can almost watch fireworks from almost anywhere in Hong Kong.

New features and improvements are added continuously. As part of the celebration of the countdown, “Shooters stars appeared, starting one hour before the countdown with a splash of light exploding every 15 minutes from the roof of buildings around the harbor … The 2016 counter added” smiles “exploded in the sky … The 2017 counter was a 10-minute the pyromusical display.

The fireworks will take place at midnight on December 31, 2017. The countdown starts 60 seconds before midnight, and we expect the focal point of time to be in Hong Kong’s exhibition and convention center, as in previous years.

You must stake out your seat until midnight because most public places will be packed and do not forget that closing roads also starts early, around 6:30 pm.

There is also a live party with the participation of various performers starting at 10:00. in the port of Tsim Sha Tsui Pier and hosted by the Hong Kong Tourism Board.

“Shooting Stars” begins at 11:00. Every 15 minutes of the roofs of skyscrapers around the harbor, bursts of flickering lights will begin.

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Hong Kong New Years Eve Wallpapers

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