5 Best Happy New Year 2019 Ideas to Celebrate with Friends

After a hectic Christmas period, full of food, booze and Christmas holidays, all that you really feel like doing asleep on the couch snoring after 12 midnight you passes by New Year’s Eve. But you can celebrate New Year without much effort, just you and a few others. So get yourself off from that couch and celebrate the New Year 2019.

Happy New Year 2019 Ideas


New Year’s 2019 Idea #1

New Year is the time to clear the “mental” closet to let go of the past and move on, and it is time to make decisions for the next year. Get together with a group of friends, colleagues or family members, as well as a bottle of wine, you decide what you need to let go of the past year and announces achievement you are proud of. After receiving considerably emptier bottle to start creating your list of resolutions for the coming year, whether they are linked to the achievement in a career or a simple declaration of “I will not eat obscene amounts of chocolate.”

New Year’s 2019 Idea #2

If you prefer to party on New Year’s, not Christmas, why not ask the boss to plan a party on New Year’s, rather than Christmas. In the end, it will probably be more cost effective and may have more variations in theme party on New Year’s Eve. Great themes for parties New Year include a return to the past or the future. Why not celebrate the years that have passed through the ’60s,’ 70s or ’80s theme party?

New Year’s 2019 Idea #3

If you do not want to be the party host this year, attend a celebration of the New Year. New Year’s holidays are moving up and down the UK, but currently the most popular event of the festival is the Edinburgh New Year, which takes place over four days. Fireworks, torchlight processions, musicians and the latest-and-coming talents from art and literature, all will be there to entertain you.

New Year’s Idea 2019 #4

Hold a gathering with a cocktails, a buffet and champagne. This should not be a party but a small gathering of friends and family to celebrate the New Year with. In some games, the movie (When Harry Met Sally, perhaps?) Or play music that you and your guests entertained throughout the evening. New Year’s celebration with your near and dear ones can often be more valuable than spending New Years alone or in a crowd full of people who do not know.

New Year’s Idea 2019 #5

If you’re going to spend New Year’s Eve at home alone or with your partner, grab a movie and huddle on the sofa with chocolate (or whatever your weakness). New Year does not need to be a great event for all, as it says in the comfort of your own home can be much more enjoyable for some.


Whatever you decide to do, make your new year pleasant and relaxing. Happy New Year 2019 to you all!

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