Top 40+ New Year Resolutions Ideas for Students 2019

As the new year 2019 approaches, it’s time to look back at the past year of 2018 and decide what you want to change in your life in next new year. For many people, New Year’s resolution is an opportunity to make a fresh start. For others, it’s an opportunity to learn new habits and live a healthier and happier life. No matter what your approach to New Year’s resolutions, here are the top New Year’s resolutions ideas that many students start with the beginning of the year.

New Year Resolutions Ideas 2019

New Year Resolutions 2019 Ideas

  1. Quit Smoking
  2. Talk Nicely with everyone
  3. Stop listening and start doing
  4. Quit Drinking
  5. Get Out Of Debt
  6. Don’t eat junk food
  7. Stop drinking soft drinks
  8. Find Love
  9. Find a new Job
  10. Start saving money
  11. Use less smartphone
  12. Earlier to bed
  13. Drink more water
  14. Get In Shape
  15. Spend More Time With Family & Friends
  16. Help Others
  17. Learn Something New
  18. Travel to New Places
  19. Enjoy Life More
  20. Go to School because life has no age
  21. Contribute for a Cause
  22. Adopt a Pet or Cat
  23. Get a nice Gadget
  24. Get a new Smartphone
  25. Limit yourself on using social media activity
  26. Limit yourself on playing video games and start focusing on your career
  27. Do Hard Work more then previous year
  28. Upgrade Your Job Skills
  29. Learn Spanish
  30. Stana Business
  31. Be Well Read
  32. Play The Piano
  33. Pick Up A Hobby
  34. Create Passive Income
  35. Write A Novel
  36. Achieve Your Life Goals
  37. Rest Enough At Night
  38. Eat Breakfast
  39. Set Alarm
  40. Organize Binders
  41. Look Out For Quizzes
  42. Use The Teacher’S Advice
  43. Take Good Notes
  44. Initiate Conversations
  45. Open Emails
  46. Never Forget Homework

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