Santa Claus Story that Everyone Wants to Know?

For children all over the world during the Christmas times one thing and one thing only – Santa Claus coming down from the North Pole in a reindeer-drawn sleigh, and the depositing the toys and other items in his or her stocking. For hundreds of years the children were going to sleep at night on Christmas Eve, hanging stockings by the fireplace or on the edge of their bed. Small hearts beating in anticipation – what would Santa get them this year?

Just who is Santa Claus? And how did this rotund, white-bearded figure came to be the patron saint of children around the world?

Well, the origin of Santa Claus, as the world recognizes is clouded by myths, legends and folklore.

The most common version is that the mythical Santa Claus, probably inspired by the Greek Bishop Nicholas of Myra, who lived in the 4th century and is known for his generosity and love for children. A few years later, he was canonized and became known as Saint Nicholas, the patron saint of children.

Santa Claus was known as Father Christmas or Father Winter in the Anglo-Saxon version dates back to the 17th century in the UK. He was the one who used to punish naughty children and reward the good ones. There are pictures of him from that era, when he was portrayed as a jolly bearded man dressed in a long, green, fur coat. Santa Claus embodies the spirit of good cheer at Christmas.

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