Sleigh Facts You Didn’t Know About

Ringing bells sound of sleigh bells all too familiar at this time of year. This is the official alarm siren during the winter season. While well-known signature staple sleighs Santa Claus suits and reindeer, bells were not always associated with Christmas. They do much more than just a call to the holiday cheer.

Sleigh bells or jingles bells are those types of bells which produces a distinctive ringing sound. They are a percussion family of instruments.

The bells are made of sheet metal bent into a spherical shape with a small ball bearing or short metal rod placed inside to create a ringing sound. Small bells were known in antiquity.

Many centuries ago, sleigh bells were attached to the horses, to indicate the approach of someone important, or to warn pedestrians of the approaching vehicle. Sleighs were not able to stop quickly enough, so they need a warning sound.

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