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Nothing could be more representative of the rest, winter and bad weather than three stacked snowman sphere crowned by rough inelegant carrot nose and elegant hat. From the Middle Ages to the “Calvin and Hobbes” snow people have been part of our culture for centuries.

In the first document in the history of the snowman in the illustration, which was called a Book of Hours, even in 1380 – it was found in Koninklijke Bibliotheek in The Hague.

Snowmen became popular themes for illustrated by the print material in the beginning of the century, adorn postcards, greeting cards, and magazine covers. Since they could probably be described as stumbling drunks, maintaining an aura of glamor, alcohol peddlers often used snowmen in print advertising.

The biggest snowman of all time was created in Bethnel, Maine, in 2008, a huge snow woman was a 122 feet in height which named Olympia in honor of US Senator representing the State of Maine, Olympia Snowe.

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